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first post: bryant wrote: For my app I wanted to let the user know if they had the latest ve...

latest post: bryant wrote: Great! Thanks!

Using LittleWatson in Background Agent

first post: nanabite wrote: It would be nice to be able to use LittleWatson to handle exception...

latest post: southernsun wrote: resolved.

Additional debug information in LittleWatson

first post: nanabite wrote: Hi There,It would be nice to be able to submit additional informati...

latest post: southernsun wrote: resolved.

NagForReview Makes AppBar Disappear, Does Not Popup

first post: techSage wrote: I've used NagForReview successfully in other apps after realizing ...

latest post: southernsun wrote: Sorry for the late response. I assume you already switch to somethi...

NagForReview Globalization

first post: MSkuta wrote: Hi,first of all, thank you for this awesome toolkit. I am using it ...

latest post: southernsun wrote: Fixed.

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