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Project Description

Northern Lights WP7 Toolkit contains some common tools for WP7 Developers.


Click here to go to the documentation: Documentation.

Latest version available on NuGet is 2.0.4


Andy Pennell for his implementation of LittleWatson.
Jeff Wilcox Many tools are based on ideas that he presented in his AU TechEd Talk.
Tomer Shamam for his implementation of NotificationBox.
Dustin Horne for his Scrypt RSA Crypto library.


All of Northern Lights Tools are currently used within my own Windows Phone 7 Application:
- US Elections.
US Elections is no longer available on the Marketplace since the ending of the 2012 Elections
Scott Hanselman mentions he is using my extension of LittleWatson in his app called "Lost Phone Screen"
Bil Simser of Simstools is using different components of Northern Lights for all of his apps!
Neil Turner is using it for his app Bus Nearby

Let me know when you are using the library as well. E-mail me.

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